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Export department

Rita feng:18730702717

Emely feng:18833780095

Design department

Liu xu:15831723691
Qiu bo:13180300080



    HEBEI BETTER GLASSWARE CO.,LTD It is a private processing enterprise with many years of experience, mainly producing various glass handicrafts. It is located in Hejian City, Hebei Province, close to Beijing and Tianjin, with convenient transportation. It provides favorable conditions for watching and cooperating with our customers Under the leadership of the leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, the scale has been expanding. The workshop area is 1,500 square meters and there are more than 140 employees. The products are all made of 3.3 high-quality high-quality borosilicate glass tubes and bars that are resistant to high temperature (100~120℃) impact. . The glass handicrafts are crystal clear, novel in style and unique in shape. The main glass products are divided into: heat-resistant glass tea set, Hot glass cup sets, heat-resistant glass craft candle holders, heat-resistant glass coffee sets...

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Export department :Rita feng 18730702717 ; Emely feng: 18833780095 Design department :Liu xu 15831723691 ;Qiu bo :13180300080

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