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Principles of selecting medicinal plastic bottles

Because of many specifications of medicinal plastic bottles, small dozens of milliliters, large thousands of milliliters, with or without color, transparent, diverse colors, different shapes, a wide range of categories. Facing the splendid plastic bottle market, pharmaceutical manufacturers should grasp the following principles when choosing plastic bottles:
1. Selection of main raw materials and additives formula for plastic bottles: The product standard for solid plastic bottles stipulates the applicable main raw materials separately, and must meet the requirements of non-toxicity and non-odor. Because there are many main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of raw materials. Generally, high density polyethylene is used for tablets. For polypropylene bottles, if transparency is required, PET bottles can be selected. For drugs with higher barrier performance, light and opacity, brown PET bottles can be selected. The better barrier performance is PEN bottles. Liquid dosage forms usually use polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles as main raw materials.
2, sealing and water vapor permeability of bottle body and cover. Sealability and water vapor permeability are two important technical indexes of medicinal plastic bottles, which play an important role in the stability of charge.
3. Quality standards for plastic bottles. The quality of the product can be analyzed and judged from the product quality standard of the factory. Pharmaceutical plastic bottle enterprises should formulate enterprise standards that are stricter than national standards and industry standards.
4, quality assurance system. Audit of suppliers has become an essential part of purchasing plastic bottles. Through auditing, the comprehensive level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality of production plants can be evaluated comprehensively and correctly.
5, the stability and compatibility of plastic bottles. To select plastic bottles, especially new drugs, new plastic bottles (or new materials, new processes) should be first tested for charge stability and compatibility between plastic bottles and drugs. The penetration, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction and denaturation of the materials of drugs and plastic bottles must be determined by scientific testing.